Family Therapy

Families Have Come To Me For Counseling To Work Through A Variety Of Issues. Here Are Some Of The More Common Reasons For Family Therapy:

Conflict Resolution

Families may seek therapy to address ongoing conflicts or unresolved issues within the family system. This can include conflicts between parents, parent-child conflicts, sibling rivalries, or disagreements over family roles and responsibilities.

Communication Problems

Families may seek therapy when there are persistent difficulties in effective communication, such as frequent conflicts, misunderstandings, or breakdowns in expressing emotions and needs.

Blended Family Issues

Families formed through remarriage or other forms of blending may seek therapy to address challenges related to combining different family units, establishing new family dynamics, managing step-parenting roles, or resolving conflicts between siblings.

Parenting Challenges

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Life Transitions

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Grief and Loss

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As A Licensed Family Therapist, My Training And Experience Has Successfully Helped Many Families Resolve Their Issues. Here Are Some Ways I Can Help.

Facilitate Communications

I create a safe and supportive space where family members can express their thoughts, emotions, and concerns. I will help improve communication patterns within the family by teaching active listening skills, promoting empathy, and facilitating constructive dialogue.

Conflict Resolution

My sessions help guide families in resolving conflicts and addressing problems effectively. I teach conflict resolution skills, such as identifying underlying issues, exploring different viewpoints, and finding mutually beneficial solutions. I also help families develop problem-solving strategies that consider everyone’s needs, fostering collaboration and compromise.

Enhancing Relationship Dynamics

I help improve relationship dynamics within the family unit by addressing power imbalances, unhealthy patterns, and destructive behaviors. I provide tools to strengthen emotional connections, build trust, and foster positive interactions. And I will help family members develop healthier relationship habits and promote a more harmonious family environment.


Family Systems Perspective

My approach views the family as a dynamic system where individual behaviors and interactions influence the family as a whole. I help family members understand how their actions impact one another and the overall system. By examining family dynamics and roles, I can identify areas that may contribute to conflicts or dysfunction.

Education and Skill Building

My sessions are intended to educate families about healthy communication patterns, conflict resolution strategies, parenting techniques, and other relevant skills.  I often assign homework exercises to practice new skills outside of therapy sessions, promoting lasting change and growth.

Coping Mechanisms

I help families develop and strengthen coping mechanisms to navigate challenges and stressors. I support family members in identifying and utilizing their individual and collective strengths. Some things I teach include stress management techniques, relaxation exercises, or emotional regulation strategies to enhance resilience and improve family members’ well-being.

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