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Couples know that being in a relationship isn’t always easy, and communication issues, betrayal, loss of trust, and lack of intimacy can lead to anxiety, anger, and resentment. You may start questioning your relationship, and begin wondering if things can get back on track. Please call or text me, or fill out the form below -- I have provided marriage counseling and relationship therapy to many couples over the past several years, and have helped them work through a variety of communication and relationship issues.

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An Introduction

Hello, I’m Dr Elaine Collins, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), certified by the State of Arizona and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. I am also a Transition Specialist and Certified Guided Imagery Therapist who has successfully counseled and coached hundreds of couples, individuals, families, and corporate executives.

The tools I teach focus on effective communication, releasing negative emotions caused by stress and conflict, as well as teaching relaxation and coping techniques to achieve optimum mental and physical health.

I serve on the Board of Directors of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). IAS is a non-profit organization providing mental health and continuing educational services and workshops for schools, churches, agencies, shelters, and communities.

My private practice provides marriage counseling and relationship therapy throughout the East Valley. I look forward to serving you.

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Take advantage of a free therapy consultation to discuss the issues that concern you, and the options for us to work together. Please fill out the form below for a phone counseling session, and I will contact you promptly to schedule a time for us to speak.

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